Secure off-lead exercise area

Sometimes it is not safe to allow dogs off the lead if they are not under sufficient control to be recalled immediately in any situation.

This is the reason we are losing so many dog walking areas due to legislation introduced in response to the rapid rise in incidents of dog to dog aggression and injuries to people as a result of dogs running around out of control. Remember that under the Dangerous Dogs Act your dog does not need to bite someone for you to end up in court! Dogs playing enthusiastically together often run into people and can cause serious injuries. For our clients we have a fully fenced, large secure field for hire where your dog can run to his heart’s content without you worrying about roads, livestock and being ambushed by other people’s badly behaved dogs! (T & C apply. Owners are required to have third party insurance for their dogs). Contact us for details.

Party Paws

For dogs who like to celebrate their birthdays, gotcha days, Christmas, competition successes, passing their KC Good Citizen tests or any other reasons for a party Party Paws can put on a fun afternoon for them and all their canine guests! You can either book the venue or use our field – most of our activities are suitable for indoor or outdoor locations. We will organise party games for all abilities with prizes, goodie bags, celebratory cake etc.

Dogs running in a field
Dog with a party hat on

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