Dog training in north Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Behaviour consultations

Behaviour work is on vet referral only. It is pointless trying to address a behaviour issue that may have its roots in a physical or medical problem that needs treatment so your dog must have been examined by vet with whom you have discussed the problem so that appropriate tests have been conducted. We do not treat dogs that are taking any behaviour ‘medication’ unless under very exceptional circumstances.

In helping you to retrain your dog we do not suggest any methods based on the theory that dogs try to become ‘dominant’ over their owners. We will help you to build a good relationship with your dog that results in him/her changing unacceptable habits and becoming more responsive by using rewards and understanding consequences. You will not be taught how to pinch your dog, pin him to the ground or roll him over.

One to one training

Everyone is busy these days. It can be hard to commit to attending classes each week to learn to train your dog and, let’s face it, you can only do so much in a village hall. Many dogs find it hard to concentrate on their owner with all the other dogs and handlers present and lessons don’t readily transfer to real life situations. Individual lessons focus on you and your dog and your needs. We offer an assessment lesson lasting a minimum of an hour plus follow-up lessons to monitor your progress and develop your communication skills with your canine partner. Assessment lessons are usually conducted on a normal dog walk, either from our training facility in Pilning or from your house. If this is not appropriate for your dog then we have a secure paddock and large training field.

Puppy training

We offer an excellent training package for puppies. This is such a critical stage in their development as it impacts on future behaviour and mistakes made at this time can be hard to rectify later by the time a problem is apparent. We will visit within a few days of your new puppy coming home (and can give pre-purchase advice by phone/email) to advise on appropriate care and training from the start. Learning is structured for you to practise exercises between lessons with goals to aim for. This individual approach enables us to focus on the best strategies for your pet based on their individual character and breed traits. We can accompany you on your puppy’s first outside excursions when his/her vaccinations allow and give practical tips to avoid bad habits developing as well as supervised interactions with carefully selected dogs and people.

Group training

Once you and your dog have learned the basics you can come along to our group activities and extend your skills further. We run tracking lessons, agility courses, fun & games sessions, recall practice and other activities. Most of these are based in Pilning though other locations are sometimes used.

Agility training

Classes are held during the summer months at our field in Pilning. We run classed on three nights a week for beginners, intermediate and more experienced. Classes are kept small so there is not a lot of waiting around for your turn. We encourage all handlers to have good off-lead control before enrolling but it is not essential (although some dogs may therefore be restricted to working on the lead) Phone or email for dates and available spaces.

Dog training
Dog training
Dog on balancing beam
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